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Quicksilver – Its basically described as a way of creating functional sentences to carry out actions on your mac. You hit the key combo to bring up the window and start typing. At the basic level, its a great quick application loader, much quicker than spotlight. At its most complex, you can quickly select files from all over your mac and create an archive, or upload files to Flickr
Merlin Man is probably the poineer of selling Quicksilver. He’s how I discovered it. Its worth checking out the podcasts he does on Macbreak, 43 Folders, and The Merlin Show

Camino – It really is just another web browser. The Camino team split off from the Firefox team and begun a Mac browser. It doesn’t have some of the functionality of Firefox, like the extension support, but do you really need half of that crap? Probably not. Anyway, its quick, supports all websites Safari seems to slip up with (Google Calendar, WordPress posting, Google Docs), and its free. Check out the latest stable version or get ahead of the rest with the nightly builds.

Firefox – You should know about this one. Latest web browser from Mozilla. It works on all major OS’s, it has tabbed viewing (what doesn’t nowadays), extension support, themes, the works. Worth looking at, even if you’re on windows. Its about 145% better than IE7

VLC – Its a media player. Its fantastic. It will play pretty much any video you throw at it without the need for installing any additonal codecs. Goodbye DivX downloads, XviD, and the rest. Does full screen mode, multiple audio tracks, plays DVD’s, has a nice onscreen display, and tons more I probably don’t know about.

Adium – Quack. The icon is a duck. How cool alone is that? Its a chat client. And it supports multiple accounts all at once. So you can login to AIM, Yahoo, MSN, gTalk, ICQ, Bonjour, .mac, SameTime, Jabber, Novell GroupWise, QQ, Gadu-Gadu and Live Journal Talk. Its really skinnable and customizable. Pick out from tons of icons, like Yoda, or Mario, choose your emoticon sets, chat windows preferences, it supports Growl so you get on-screen notifications when you get messages, it checks your email for you. The only thing I would like is a nice solid “Quack” when it starts, but that could be added. Its worth checking out. Get rid of AIM, gTalk and MSN Messenger, and start taking Adium.

Ok, thats part 1 done. First 5 covered off. Hopefully that gives you some information about the apps. So check them out and if you like them, spread the word.

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