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Thought I would do a list of various apps that I really like and later I will come back and talk a bit more about them.

1.Quicksilver –  GTD must have, and all round great app, even as a Spotlight replacement
2. Camino – Open source Web browser, Cocoa app so bit better than Firefox. I’m using it right now
3. Firefox – because WordPress doesn’t play so well with Safari
4. VLC – best video player I found. Plays practically everything ever made. Ever.
5. Adium – Good multi-chat program, gTalk, MSN, AOL, Jabber, others. Cute duck icon
6. Burn – Open source CD burning software
7. AppDelete – Get rid of all those hiding bits of data for applications. Fast
8. Monolingual – Remove unwanted language packs. Free up tons of space (I gained 1.63Gb! Others report up to 4Gb)
9. Smultron – good little coding app. Strawberry logo too!
10. Transmission – Torrent app. Handy, easy to use.
11. Growl – onscreen notifications from many apps (Camino, Transmission, Adium, Skype, iStumbler, Cyberduck
12. Flip4Mac – WMV plugin for Mac. Never touch WMP again!
13. MenuMeters – system resource monitoring for the menu bar
14. Sidetrack – Scrolling for older laptops.
15. MAMP – Test out a local version of your website, with mySQL, PHP, and much more
16. GimmeSomeTune – iTunes plugin. Shows Growl notifications for songs, and gets lyrics
17. Missing Sync for Windows – sync your Windows Mobile device if you have one (I have a PDA for TomTom)
18. Democracy – subscribe to RSS feeds, video feeds, torrent feeds, automatically downloads recent
19. Microsoft Office – because sometimes you need to accommodate Windows users. And Apple has no spreadsheet program. Yet

Wow, that list was longer than I planned. I might have to do a few posts to cover all those off. I’ll update this later with links.

Updated: Thought of another one
20. Onxy – Great app for cleaning cache’s, temp files and folders, and keeping things working smoothly


  1. Cool List, I’ve used a few of these myself. I’m going to check out a few of these..

  2. Fantastic. After work I am going to try MAMP, Smultron and Burn. Great list. It’s tough to find decent open source software.

  3. Cheers both of you. I realise a few of those are cliche but they are essential. I like to think I use a few cool apps, and I’m glad I’ve prompted you both to check them out.
    I might do another post on non-app stuff to have, while I expand on this list with more depth. Part 1 is up already.

  4. Yeah…nice set of apps. Here’s a few more I found usefull; VooDoo Pad…iRatchet….Gallerie…info.xhead
    Of course Flip4Mac is a necessity, and, Telestream has a new DVD imaging app out now called Drive In; Check it out HERE Also my blogblurb about it HERE

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